Home-Lite Plus

Great deal on Voice and Data with Homelite. For $46.44, you get a Postpay fixed-line telephone service with 50 Free minutes on International calls (Band Z) and 30GB of internet every month.

With the Connect Wifi Router, you can connect multiple Wifi devices simultaneously so you turn your home into a smart home.

Visit your nearest TFL Customer Care and Sign-Up today.


Installation Fee
Home Lite
$46.44 (VIP)
$77.72 (VIP)
$50.00 (VEP)
1 Year
Free Line Rental
1 Corded Phone
50 Free International Minutes
Standard Peak/Off-Peak rates
Free ADSL Modem
30GB Datacap
20GB Peak Data - Use any time
$0.95/1GB Reload rate(30 days expiry)
10GB Off-Peak Data - Use between 8PM-6AM
$3.79/5GB Reload rate(30 days expiry)



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