Connect Vuvale Parivaar

Connect Vuvale Parivaar, the best plan for your family. So much data for everyone to enjoy their favorite things on the internet….updating social media, online games, movies, news etc. With the Connect Wifi Router you can connect multiple Wifi devices simultaneously so you turn your home into a smart home.

This plan gets better with the Happy Hour feature which allows you Free Browsing & Downloading from 11pm to 12midnight everyday – that’s 30 hours of Free Browsing & Downloading every month!

There’s more, you get 1GB Free Data daily over Connect Wifi network in towns & public areas – that’s another 30GB free every month!!

A Call Bundle is also available, $18.96VIP monthly gives you 1,000 minutes on Local & Inter-region calls and 100 minutes on International calls (Band Z).

Visit your nearest TFL Customer Care and Sign-Up today.

Visit your nearest TFL Customer Care and Sign-Up today

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