Connect Prepay

Don’t want to sign a Contract or get monthly bills then Connect Prepay is just right for you. You simply pay for what you need, when you need it –...See More


Connect X

Tired of running out of Data? Well we’ve got what you need – Connect X, new, bigger, better internet packages for Home users. No more fighting for data, with Connect...See More

Connect Velocity

Introducing the new Connect Velocity - bigger and better now with 10GB data cap for only $33.17 monthly. Get high speeds of up 10Mbps with Connect Velocity for all you...See More

Noqu Viti

Telecom Fiji Ltd's Noqu Viti Promotion is targeted at Fiji's Civil servants - thanking them on the part they play every day in serving our country. Noqu Viti promotion has Phone Specials together with Discounted internet signup...See More

Connect Superfast (VDSL)

Connect VDSL is the next generation of DSL technology. Like ADSL it works over the phone line but it’s much faster. With up to 50Mbps downloads and 10Mbps uploads. Connect...See More

Connect Infinity (Fiber-to-the-Home)

Telecom Fiji is now offering Fiji’s first internet service to use Fibre to provide internet to residential customers. Fibre- to- the- Home (FTTH) has highest internet speed, up to 100Mbps...See More

Connect 4G+

TFL’s new Superfast Wireless Internet Service over LTE. No need for telephone lines or waiting for installation, just sign up and take your modem instantly – it’s that simple. With...See More

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