Satellite Service

Sky Connect

With the new VTSAT service TFL offer complete flexibility to make it easy for you our customer. You can purchase the terminal up front or lease it over 4 years.

VTSAT Terminal Charges

With Solar
Without Solar
Purchase of Satellite Terminal
Lease of Satellite Terminal(4 Years)

*lease is based on 4 year term no residual 

All prices are VEP
Telephone Service
The Satellite Terminal provides 4 lines in standard configuration. Additional lines can be added to a maximum of 12.

Line rental
Standard PSTN charge of $35VEP per line

Call Charges:

  • – $0.205 VEP/min – same as PSTN inter-region rate.
  • – $0.384 VEP/min – pre-paid rate
  • – International rates – standard PSTN charges.

Internet Service
The New VTSAT service provides “always on” broadband from Connect

“Connect” Charges
Connect can provide 128k, 256k and 512k service to all installations

Monthly Fee
Data Cap(GB)
Excess Fees(per 20GB)

* All prices are VIP

Set-Up Installation Costs

TFL Installation fee is included in the purchase and lease price of the terminal; however additional charges will apply for travel and freight to distant islands. For Internet Connect will charge installation – Price on application. Call out charges for both TFL and Connect $100 p/h exclusive of travel should the fault be caused by customer.

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